Save Money, Save Fuel, and Save the Earth


Makita Mini 4-Stroke Engine (MM4) is engineered for lower noise, improved fuel economy, reduced exhaust, and faster, easier starts for increased efficiency. MM4 equipment includes a concrete power cutter as well as blowers, string trimmers, brush cutters, sprayers, and more.


Full Multi-position Operation

Conventional 4-stroke engines need to be kept level during operation. However, the advance lubrication system equipped in Makita 4-stroke engines enables to use the machine in full multi-position. Employing this system enables the use of 24.5cc and 33.5cc brush cutters on any slope such as ditch slopes, river banks or mountain woods.



The natural pressure changes in the crankcase caused by the piston movement in the cylinder are harnessed to pump the oil throughout the engine. Oil is pumped from a reservoir in the base of the engine through a network of one-way valves for reliable lubrication and long service life without the need to keep the engine level.


Low Running Cost



Clean Exhaust Emissions

Compared with an equivalent 2-Stroke Engine, exhaust emission is drastically reduced to comply with strict regulations in the world, including CARB Tier 3 (California, USA), EPA Phase 2 (USA) and EU Stage 2 (Europe).



Low Noise



Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance

The operator can skip the following preparation and maintenance required when using 2-stroke engines that run on gas/oil mixture:

— Mixing gasoline and oil before operation

— Removing fuel from tank after operation, then sweeping dust from oil filling port.

In addition, no need of gas/oil mixture means piston seizure caused by improper mixing, which is one of the most common failures of 2-stroke engine, will not occur.