What is BL Brushless Motor?


A conventional brushed motor is made up of carbon brushes, a ring of magnets (stator), an armature, and a commutator. When the motor is energized, a charge travels from the battery, through the brushes, into the commutator, and into the windings of armature. Then the magnetized armature starts to rotate. However, the magnets of Makita BL Brushless Motor are on the conventional motor shaft and the copper windings are fixed and surround the shaft. A small circuit board coordinates the energy delivery to the windings and controls the rotation of motor shaft. Therefore, carbon brushes and commutator are not required for brushless motor.






Durable, Powerful & Compact


Without brushes in place to apply friction, a brushless motor works more efficiently than a brushed motor and hence extending the tool overall lifetime. Thanks to the powerful and compact sized brushless motor, brushless tools can be made shorter in length and lighter in weight but perform better than brushed models.




Long Runtime


No friction means no heat loss so brushless tools can work more on a single fully charged battery.



Easy Maintenance


No carbon brush means you can free from troublesome carbon brushes replacement process.