One for All


Don’t want to buy four power tools for similar but different purposes? Makita 4 Operation Modes Impact Drivers DTP141 and DTP131 may be the answer. This unique tool is the combination of driver drill, hammer driver drill, screwdriver as well as impact driver. You can drill holes in soft masonry, metal, wood and fasten screws by only one Makita 4 Operation Modes Impact Driver.


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4 Operation Modes

 1. Impact Driver Mode

     for high speed fastening of screws and bolts.

Self Photos / Files - BTP131

2. Screw Driver Mode

    for driving small diameter screws. Electronic clutch mechanism provides expanded torque range of

0.7-12N.m for a wide range of applications.

          Self Photos / Files - DTP141_03ver-back-02Self Photos / Files - DTP141_03ver-back-03

                                                               Self Photos / Files - DTP141_03ver-back-04


3. Driver Drill Mode

    for drilling holes in metal and wood

                             Self Photos / Files - DTP141_05


4. Hammer Driver Drill Mode

    for drilling holes in soft masonry.

                             Self Photos / Files - BTP131_act_1