What Dangers Can Vibration Pose?



When using a power tool, vibration is produced as a by-product of that process. Vibration used to be something that was overlooked by users alike. However, if steps are not taken to limit the amount of vibration a machine produces and the level of exposure an individual receives, then injuries such as Vibration White Finger (VWF) will occur through Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV). Working with the users to solve the problem of vibration, Makita Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) products have been designed in close relation to users’ needs at site level.


What Can AVT Do?


AVT can…


Active Protection


Active Dynamic Vibration Absorber

Shift of air pressure in crank room and barrel room "actively" controls balancer to move opposite of piston.


         For models:HR3210C、HR3541FC、HR4511C、HR5212C、HM0871C、HM1317C


Counter Weight Mechanism

Extra-Low Vibration achieved by Counter Weight Mechanism.


          For models:HR2601、HR2631F、HR2631FT、HM1812、JR3070CT


AVT-04-E                   For models:HM1812

AVT-05-E For models:JR3070CT



Passive Protection


Vibration Absorption Housing

Spring loaded hinged grip absorbs vibration.

 For models:HR3210C、HR3541FC、HR4511C、HR5212C、HM0871C、HM1812、DHR263



Damper Spring

It absorbs reaction force caused by drill bit at the moment of impact.

 For models:HR2601、HR2631F、HR2631FT


Extra Feautre


Soft No Load reduces vibration of tool body when idling, accordingly decreases the amount of vibration to operator’s hands during a day’s operation. In addition, it minimizes deflection of bit tip from aiming point when starting chipping. 


For models: HM0871C, HM1317C, HM1812