Dangers of Dust


Dust is generated by many processes around construction sites and workshops. These processes include drilling, cutting, sanding, grinding, chasing and breaking. Depending on the type of dust that you are being exposed to, the concentration and exposure time, inhaling dust may lead to serious long term and life threatening diseases such as Cancer, Silicosis, etc. 




Committed to Reducing Dust


In order to minimize the threat of dust, Makita offers effective and comprehensive dust extraction systems and attachments that can capture dust from the point of generation.



Cordless Rotary Hammer DHR242 with HEPA Dust Extractor


Makita cordless combination hammer DHR242 can be used with a HEPA dust extractor DX01 to perform dustless concrete drilling. Built-in DC motor of DX01 works with high efficiency HEPA filter to capture 99.75% of particulates 0.3 microns and larger.



18V and 18VX2 Cordless Cleaner


Makita launched a series of compact and powerful cordless cleaner for professionals. Dust extraction is no longer limited by the length of electric cord.

‧  AC/DC Hybrid Vacuum Cleaner DVC860L

‧  Cordless Backpack Cleaner DVC260

‧  Portable Cordless Cleaner series

‧  Cordless Robotic Cleaner  DRC200


High Efficiency AC Vacuum Cleaner


Makita AC Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with automatic self-cleaning filter system to maintain strong suction power. All models conform to Dust Class L of EC regulations that can capture at least 99% dusts with OEL value of >1 mg/m3,  



Dust Nozzles and Other Attachments  

Makita offers a wide variety of dust nozzles and attachments for connecting power tools to vacuum cleaner.